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YES....something is goin on!
Right now, some place, wherever you think, another world, another place
something is happening, things are changing, numbers are crawling and the clock is ticking.....

Written by BBC   |   April 2021

An entire Year goes away and the Covid Pandemic's Life modified the relationships around the world. Specially at work! With people at home, the meetings changed, the sell changed, the contacts changed, everything requires and happens through computers and cellphones. Is that you ? Are you used to all this?


Written by RZA  |   January 2021

Despite the games listed here in this section, the idea is to be updated to be ready for what is coming.
And all different of security levels will be verified.


Written by RZA   |   January 2021

Remember the basic rule...If you dont know....don't click!!.

Car Hacking

Written by RZA   |   January 2021

With the amount of smart technology that automobiles come equipped with these days, the idea of car hacking is not science fiction anymore. Car buyers worry in increasing numbers about the safety of passengers and wonder what they can do to safeguard themselves.


Written by RZA   |   January 2021

Day by day, we are more and more ON-LINE and want to do several things at same time, very quickly and using the facilities provided by smart-phones and tablets. But the risk is increasing proportionally to the lack of security to improve the velocity of actions and responses. Here are some tips to help you properly.

Every article in this session is based on our curiosity or became more important than usually due some current situation that cames up recently or still happens for a long time
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